Expanded 5-Day Basic Seminar

Exploring the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu (5 By 3)

This class offers an in-depth study of the 5-Day class material over an extended period of time. Five times a year, three days a time, for a total of 15 days the focus is on the study of Text 1 and Text 2 and experiences the 5-Day Class material through the layers of body, mind and spirit … fifteen days for the 15s to be in “joy and laugther” – to dedicate ourselves to a divine purpose – to “wash our hearts with laughter” and to simply BE.

The Physio-Philosophy, Physio-Psychology and Physio-Physiology of Jin Shin Jyutsu will be explored with an emphasis on how to practice and BE this Art, and how to bring this awareness into our practice with hands-on sessions. The philosophy and the energetic pathways of the flows are discussed in detail and experienced in the body. Another focus will be on exploring the jumper cable energy and to refine our way of touching in the state of BEING rather than DOING. Body reading and pulse listening will be part of the class. In addition, flows which are not in the Texts will be presented and practiced (e. g. the Sinus Flow, Special Immune System Flow, the Regeneration Flow, Special Diabetes Flow, amongst others).

Prerequisite: a minimum of five 5-Day Basic Seminars. Each student signs up for the complete course.

Class size will be maximum 20 with one instructor and 30 with two instructors.