5-Day Basic Seminar

Mary Burmeister’s Text 1 & Text 2

The 5-Day Basic Seminar is the foundational class for those who want to continue working in-depths on themselves as well as become authorized practitioners and self-help teachers.

The seminar consists of two parts:

Part 1 (day 1 – 3):
The foundation, introduces the dynamic qualities of the 26 “Safety”-Energy Locks, The Trinity Flows, the concepts of Depths within the body and the Physio-Philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Part 2 (day  4 – 5, prerequisite for new students is part 1)
introduces the 12 Organ Function Energy, listening to pulses, the Special Body Function Energy and how these contribute to harmonizing body, mind and spirit.

Interpersed with lecture are ample periods of hands-on application.

Certificate of Attendance
After the first attendance of one full 5-Day Basic Seminar, a certificate of completion is issued.
Upon completion of three full 5-Day Basic Seminars, a document of attendance is issued, certifying that 105 hours of class time have been attended.

As part of our instructor training program, qualified candidates will regularly present short teaching units of 5-day class material instead of the instructor.

You can refer to yourself as an Authorized Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner if you have attended at least three 5-Day Basic Seminars and agree to the Jin Shin Jyutsu Code of Ethics. For those students considering practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu professionally we suggest a minimum of 18 months of study and practice after your first 5-Day Basic Seminar and a minimum completion of three 5-Day Basic Seminars.  Please check with your local authorities regarding regulations for practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu professionally in your area.