First Simple Applications

The following self-help applications show how simple, fast and yet effective Jin Shin Jyutsu is in everyday life. Jin Shin Jyutsu does not require any complicated posture and is therefore suitable for people from young to old to improve their personal well being and strengthen their self healing powers.

„Safety“ – Energy Lock No. 1

the prime mover, connects extreme height with extreme depth. In man it connects the toes with the head (back, ascending energy) and the head with the toes (front, descending energy). Therefore, by simply applying our hand, thumb, finger(s), palm or back to “Safety” Energy Lock No. 1, we can help “recharge” the “run-down” energy battery. Helps with abdominal stresses, head discomforts and aids breathing.

(reference: p. 13 Introducing Jin Shin Jyutsu Is. Book II by Mary Burmeister)

Our Personal “Antibiotic”

Hold right hand on your left shoulder (“Safety” Energy Lock No. 3) and left hand on your left groin (“Safety” Energy Lock No. 15). The sequence can be reversed for the other side.
Helps the immune system.

(reference: p. 17 Introducing Jin Shin Jyutsu Is. Book II. By Mary Burmeister)

Big Hug

Let’s just pause for a moment and give the body a hug.

In hugging the body place the thumbs on the upper front part of the arms, on the joints of the front part of the arms and shoulders, and the fingers by the sides of the scapula, shoulder blades. The thumbs help to relax the lungs for easier breathing and the fingers help to clear the tension/stress in the shoulders.

(reference: p. 41 Introducing Jin Shin Jyutsu Is. Book III. By Mary Burmeister)

Main Central Vertical Flow (Self-Help)

This flow is the source of our life energy. We are as harmonious or out of rhythm as is the energy supply from this source. This pathway flows down the center of the front and up the back of the body. To be in harmony with this source the following simple daily maintenance sequence is all that is required:

Main Central Vertical Flow (Self-Help)

(reference: p. 15 – 17 Introducing Jin Shin Jyutsu Is.  Book I by Mary Burmeister)

You can find more tips for self-help under the section Self-Help Downloads! The three self-help books by Mary Burmeister are available in our shop or you can attend a self-help class with an experienced self-help teacher.