Hands-On Tip: Strenghtening the Immune System

In “Safety” Energy Lock # 3, mental and physical digestive powers meet. SEL #3 helps the immune system, harmonizes our lymphatic system and protects us from infections, tiredness, relieves fever and helps breathing. It is our “personal anti-biotic”.

(Self Help Book 2 by Mary Burmeister, p. 16)

For optimal protection, Mary advises us to harmonize SEL # 15 and then SES # 3. One application that opens both “Safety” Energy Locks is:

Right hand on left shoulder (SEL # 3) and left hand on left groin (SEL # 15)

Please reverse the application for the other side of the body.

(Self Help Book 2, p. 17)

In addition, you can also hold the little finger and then the middle finger.

Mary recommends us for both locks: BE the smile.

Children laugh up to 400 times a day, adults only 20 times a day. With a smile you can change the chemical composition of your blood.

Furthermore, it says on p. 16 (SEL 3) and p. 40 (SEL 15) in Self Help Book 2: UNLOAD (exhale) and RECEIVE (inhale) your abundance.


Look to this breath only.

The breath we receive is the only reality.

(What Mary says, p. 6)