Hands-On Tip of the Week, today: Finger pos (Mudra) Nr. II

The creative power of this entire universe lies within each one. Know, IT, BE IT and BE the SMILE – I am the Star.

Be one’s own testimony. All unhappiness and fears result from not knowing MYSELF.

(Selfhelp Book 3 by Mary Burmeister, p. 17)

According to Kaballah, our fingers/hands are our magic wand that “connects what is below with what is above”. Our fingers/hands are the link to the heavenly realm. Our fingers are our direct access to the heavenly gates to the realms of the invisible world. (by Anita Willoughby, authorized JIN SHIN JYUTSU instructor, from the Main Central #44, p. 4)

Fingerposition Nr. II (Selfhelp Book 3, by Mary Burmeister, p. 11):

Hold back of left middle finger lightly with right thumb. Place rest of right fingers on palm side left middle finger.


Every day is a NEW wonder.

One can receive all the abundance one needs.

One need not hold on to the old.

Exhale all the old and receive the new.

This finger pose aids the revitalizing of the body from toes to head.


Have fun practicing!

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