Hands-On Tip of the Week, today: Finger Pose (Mudra) No. I

Translated from Sanskrit, mudra means “that which brings joy”. Mud means joy and Ra means “that which gives”.

Mudras are simple hand positions that connect us to the energetic, invisible world. The purpose of the mudras is to bring about a higher level of awareness in ordinary daily consciousness. Mudras are also called “mystical, awakening, sacred hand positions that express our deepest intentions in a single moment of physical poetry.” (Sarah Ivanhoe, Yoga Journal, April 2006, taken from: Main Central No. 44, p. 4)

Our fingers and thumbs are a simple keys to harmonize our attitudes.

Finger Pose No. I (Self Help Book 3 by Mary Burmeister, p. 10):

Hold palm side of left middle finger ligthly with right thumb. Place rest of right fingers on back of left middle finger. (Reverse for right middle finger)



I have never experienced this Breath I am ever before nor will I ever again. Enjoy the Breath I am now.

If I am the essence of my breath now, I am not afraid of the future and leave worries and guilty feelings of the past behind me.

This finger pose aids releasing tension / stress from head to toes.