Hands-On Tip of the Week: Spleen Function Energy, Part 1

(Self Help Book 1 by  Mary Burmeister, p. 39 – 42)

The Spleen Function Energy is the the source of life for all other organs. It brings solar sun into the body, sun into the soul. This flow develops the “I feel” and has a maternal, nourishing aspect. It harmonizes the metabolism and brings us back into our center. So we can accept who we are and that we feel loved.

For general energy revitalizing (right side of the body):

1. Place left hand at base of spine (coccyx) and right hand on right medial (inner) side of ankle bone (between inner side ankle bone and inner side heel)

2. replace right hand only to base of center of left front rib cage

To be continued…..

Alternatively, just hold your little fingers (Main Central Level)

or hold left and right SEL 22 (“Safety” Energy Lock Level).

Just practice and don’t forget: “There is nothing good unless you do it.” (Erich Kästner)