Hands-On Tip of the Week: „Safety” Energy Lock # 6 (SEL 6)

“Safety” Energy Lock # 6 came into the universe meaning balance and discrimination.

By harmonizing SEL 6 we can release tension/stress  in shoulders and collar-bone area. It helps chest congestions, digestive discomforts and hip tension/stress (Self Help Book 2 by Mary Burmeister).

“6” harmonizes the male and female aspects in the body and is the mediator for harmonizing relationships. Opening “6” brings balance to every area of ​​life and IS the “governor of respiration”.

Be the 6 and your renewing, reproducing, assimilationg and eliminating functions will be in harmony. (0 – 26, Excerpts from Main Central, p. 47)

SEL 6 is located in the sole (or soul) of the foot.


Here are three simple quickies for harmonizing SEL 6:

Just hold left an right groins (SEL 15)

or put your right hand on right groin (SEL 15) and left hand on right shoulder (SEL 3) and vice versa

oo just hold your middle fingers.


Have fun practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu!