Hands-On Tip of the Week: “Safety” Energy Lock # 4

“Safety” energy lock No. 4 (SEL 4) is located on the base of the skull to the right and left of the first cervical vertebra and came into the universe meaning “measuring intelligence” and “the window” that lets in the light (knowledge) and air (breath of life).

Self-change begins with self-study. Superficial breating causes disharmony. Deep breathing leads to a loving personality. Harmonizing  SEL 4 helps with insomnia, headaches, tension/stress in the eyes, neck and legs. (Self-help book 2 by Mary Burmeister, pp. 18, 19)

The 4 is the bridge from the spiritual (non-physical) to the physical (physical) and vice versa.

The exhale begins at SEL 4 over the head and all the way down to SEL  7 (underside of the big toes). The 4 brings body, mind and soul in harmony. (0 – 26, excerpts from Main Central, p. 37)

SEL 4 is the department store of abundance that nourishes all 144,000 special body functions.

You can harmonize SEL 4 with the following quickies:

Hold both 4’s: left 4 with left hand and right 4 with right hand

or hold left SEL 4 with right hand and hold right SEL 21 (below right cheekbone) with left hand and vice versa

or just hold your ring fingers!

Have fun practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu!