Hands-On Tip of the Week: “Safety” Energy Lock # 21

“Safety” Energy Lock # 21 (SEL 21) is located on the lower edge of the cheekbones and came into the universe with the meaning “deep security, escape from spiritual imprisonment”. It helps with dizziness, mental tension / stress, to build up energy and to regulate weight. (Self-HelpBook 2 by Mary Burmeister, p. 53)

The “normal person” has over 50,000 thoughts in their heads every day, around 95% of which are repeated over and over again. SEL 21 helps to reduce worrying or stressful thoughts in the mind and to harmonize them. Mary says the mind is intended to be a receiver of the Creator’s thoughts and not to be used as a trying-to tool for satisfying the intellect. As SEL 21 empties, it can receive cosmic consciousness descending the face from “Safety” Energy Lock # 20. Changing our thinking will change our world. (from the book “0-26, Excerpts from Main Central”, p. 106)

“Allow the universe to open to me. Everything is within myself.” (Quotation from” What Mary Says “, p. 27)

Here are three easy steps to harmonize SEL 21:

Hold both thighs cross over

or the left upper arm (SEL 19) with the right hand and the right thigh with the left hand and vice versa

or simply hold your right thumb with your left hand and your left thumb with your right hand

By the way, the pictures show you how to hold the “Safety” Energy Locks. You can lie completely relaxed on the sofa or sit comfortably in the armchair, you don’t have to do it while standing …!

Have fun practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu!