Hands-On Tip of the Week: Third Method Correction

(Textbook 1, p. 57 by Mary Burmeister)

The three Methods of Correction are very powerful flows and clean up. They are located in the attitudes.

Mary said that applying any of these flows is sufficient to reverse a lifelong history of disharmony.

The Third Correction Method works with the Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy (Source of Life)  and opens access to the center of the body and the universal energy. It brings us back into harmony with our heart.

It is our “emergency flow”, takes negative thinking out of the body and restores the order of creation in the body.

Physically, it supports our immune system, stops destruction in the body, relieves tension of all kinds in the abdomen and helps breathing.

As a self-help we use the 1st step of the flow:

Place the right hand on the middle of the sacrum and the left hand on the middle of the sternum (SEL 13).

Have fun practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu!