Hands-On Tip of the Week, today: Gallbladder Function Energy

The next few days we will celebrate Easter. In the night from Holy Saturday to Easter Sunday, light returns to the world and overcomes darkness. Easter announces the new beginning of life, because death does not mean the end. The truth is stronger than the lie, justice triumphs over injustice, love triumphs over hate. That is why we want to dedicate ourselves today to the functional energy of the gallbladder. This is where time and space open up to bring light into life.

This flow helps us to come into harmony, it helps with weak decision-making and brings clarity. He connects spiritual with matter.

The gallbladder functional energy is also helpful for the following projects: intervertebral discs, sciatica, allergies, migraines, gas formation in the body, hips (right flow helps right hip), eyes.

The quickie for this flow is also the anchor step of the flow:

  1.  Left hand on the left side of the neck (SEL 12)

Right hand on right forehead (SEL 20)
























In order to achieve even more depth and intensity, please take the 2. step:

2. Right hand on the tailbone

The sequence is reversed for the right flow.

Have fun practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu and a beautiful and blessed Easter to you all.

Your Jin Shin Jyutsu European-Office