Current Hands-On Tip of the Week, today: Quickie for all respiratory functions

We have talked a lot about exhalation and breathing functions. Today we would like to take up a shorthand that can help us anywhere and anytime to strengthen and support our exhalation and breathing in general. Very helpful and supportive in these still wild times!

Our right hand rests on the left SEL No. 3 and SEL 11 and the left hand holds the ball of the right thumb. And of course everything is reversed for the other side of the body.











This shorthand also helps with all hormonal projects and all projects related to the lungs. It also helps with over-acidification of the body (the thumb controls the acid). So there is also a good current to purify the body in the springtime.

We wish you a lot of fun practicing.

Your Jin Shin Jyutsu European – Office