Die grosse Umarmung

Hands-On Tip of the Week: Big Hug (“Safety” Energy Lock # 26)

(Self-Help Book 2 by Mary Burmeister, p. 63 – 65)

Now we have already reached the end of the year, have put a lot behind us and are now focusing on the New Year.

We lovingly embrace ourselves and let the old go through our exhalation and welcome the new with joy through our inhalation.

In hugging the body place the thumbs on the upper front part of the arms, on the joints of the front part of the arms and shoulders, and the fingers by the sides of the scapula, shoulder blades. The thumbs help to relax the lungs for easier breathing and the fingers help to clear the tension/stress in the shoulders.

You can do this hands-on daily with up to 36 conscious exhalings and inhalings or as long as it is comfortable for you.

SEL 26 came into the universe meaning complete (that which was, is, will be). It helps vitalizing the whole being, recharges our “exhausted” energy battery and harmonizes mental, digestive and physical functions.

Wishing you all health, happiness and many fulfilling and inspiring moments for the New Year 2021 and having fun with practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu!

Yours, Jin Shin Jyutsu European Office