Hands-On Tip of the Week: Mudra No. III

Today we introduce you to one of the Mudras that Jiro Murai practiced: Mudra No. III (Self-Help Book 3, p. 12)

When we put our fingers in certain positions, we can increase our vibration, bring movement into everything and change our mood.

Mudra No. III allows us to calm down and at the same time can also revitalize us.

Just hold palm side of left little and ring fingers with right thumb. Place rest of right fingers on back of left litte and ring fingers.













Reverse for right fingers.

While holding this finger pose, exhale deeply, releasing accumulated stress and physical exertion with each exhalation. Breathe in consciously and receive life-giving energy with every inhalation. As Mary says: “In the breath that I am, I am always new.”

Mudra No. III aids calming the body, releasing nervous tension/stress and aids the revitalizing of all organ functions. It brings us back into our mental and emotional balance and helps us when we are very excited (e.g. if we are anxious about exams) or whenever we want to reawaken our “spirits”.

Have fun practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu!