Hands-On Tip of the Week: The Spleen Function Energy

Mary Burmeister describes in Self-Help Book 1 the Spleen Flow as an important flow for general daily maintenance.

The Spleen Flow strengthens all other organs. It brings energy into the body and sun into the soul. Astrologically, it is assigned to the zodiac sign “Cancer” with the principle “I Feel”. It ensures a free flow of emotions and is the maternal nourishing aspect. The spleen function energy creates a safe inner space for my feelings, not to freeze them or run away from them, but to accept and learn to embrace them.

On the physical level, the Spleen Flow calms down the nervous system and at the same time, it can also energize the body and harmonize.

It can also help with any type of allergy, staph and herpes infections, and all breast and uterine labels.

For harmonizing the Spleen Function Energy use four simple steps:

For right side of the body:

  1. Right hand on right SEL 5 (right inside between ankle and heel) and left hand on coccyx
  2. Then just move your right hand on left SEL 14 (anterior center of last left costal arch)
  3. Then just move your left hand on right SEL 13 (anterior center of the right third rib)
  4. Finally, place your left hand on left SEL 22 (under the middle of the left collarbone)

For left side of the body reverse the sequences.

Have fun practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu

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