Current Hands-On Tip of the Week, today: The “Safety”Energy Lock # 10

Today we would like to introduce “Safety” Energy Lock # 10
(Self-Help Book II by Mary Burmeister, p. 30/31).

“Safety” Energy Lock # 10 came into the universe with the meaning of “outporing of limitless life-power”. It is located on the left and right back of the body between shoulder blade and spine at mid-shoulder blade level.

SEL 10 is storage of abundance, abundance everywhere. It corresponds to the 10th month (October): time of harvest and abundance.

It helps armonizing chest congestions and breathing and is important for lung and heart function. Thereby it supports our vitality.


Hold upper arms with opposite thigh:

a. Left hand on right upper arm and right hand on left thigh (medial or inner side).

b. Right hand on left upper arm and left hand on right thigh (medial or inner side).















just hold right index finger with the left hand and left index finger with the right hand.













Have fun practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu!

Yours Jin Shin Jyutsu European Office