Current Hands-On Tip of the week, today: “Safety” Energy Lock No. 25 (Self-Help Book 2 by Mary Burmeister, p. 61)

SES 25 came into the universe meaning quietly regenerate.

We just sit on both of our hands (palm or back of the hand, whichever is more convenient for you), drop our shoulders and just enjoy ourselves regenerating and renewing in silence. This creates space in which new things can develop.

Holding SES # 25 is also useful before and after sport exercises.

It takes away fatigue and recharges our “run-down” energy battery.

It also harmonizes a chaotic mind and ventilates our brain.

If it gets too stressful in this position, we can just hold our middle fingers and breathe out.

Have fun practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu!

Yours  Jin Shin Jyutsu European Office