Current Hands-On Tip of the Week, today: MUDRA NR. VI (Self-Help Book 3, p 15)

The mudras help us to come to a higher state of consciousness. So they also help us change our thoughts. And as we all know, holding fingers helps harmonize our attitudes.

In these still challenging times, we definitely need longer breath so that we don’t get out of our rhythm and our center.

This finger position particularly helps us to strengthen our breathing function.

Corona brings up many topics in us and the thumb helps us to differentiate. The thumb also helps us with exhaling, discharging, letting go of everything that we no longer need.

If we put our thumb on the ring fingernail, we will help inhalation, reception, and renewal.

This finger position also helps us with ear projects, when we are out of breath, during long car journeys and for pressure equalization.

Have fun with our current hands-on!

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