Jin Shin Jyutsu Offers Online

Due to Corona, no face-to-face Jin Shin Jyutsu classes (resp. in some regions under special requirements) can take place, there are interesting online offers from Scottsdale with instructors of the JSJ faculty:

  • free We Are One – Self-Help with meditation) multilingual (dates and links on our website)
  • Zoom Study Groups in English: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, duration: one hour,$ 20 per person and session, 25 spaces, prerequisite: one 5-Day Class, for further information and registration: https://jsjinc.net/studygroups.php
  • Online seminars on various topics of 5-Day Classes in English and Spanish, duration: about 100 minutes, costs: $ 35, for further information and registration: https://jsjinc.net/jsjwebinars.php

A study group with Wayne and Carlos focusing on self-help and philosophy is also be offered in Brazil every month from July. This course will be held in English with Portuguese translation and, for another date, only in English. Duration: approx. 2.5 hours, costs: $ 60 per meeting. For further information and registration: https://www.casabioluz.com/