We Are ONE, with Jin Shin Jyutsu Faculty – Creating Community in the time of COVID-19

We Are ONE – The free online Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help meditations have almost become a cherished habit …

Here is the new English-language series from today at 8:00 p.m. German local time:

Sun., May 3: Petra Elmendorff
Mon, May 4: Jill Pasquinelli
Tue,  May 5: Susan Schwartz
Wed, May 6: Chus Arias (English and Spanish)
Thu,  May 7:  Philomena Dooley
Fr,    May 8:  Jennifer Holmes

The link to register:

Please remember that you have to select the date under “Select Date”. The best thing is to click directly on “Register for all dates”.

A French-speaking JSJ self-help / meditation with Nathalie Max will also take place on May 7 at 17.00h German/French local time.

The link to register:

Be the fun and stay healthy!